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Rules and Regulations

• Students Must arrive at school 5 minutes before the school starts.
• Students coming not in school uniform will be sent back from the school.
• No student is allowed to go outside the school premises or home except by the method adopted by the school or by the parents.
• Inside the school premises the students are not allowed to ride cycles.
• Students must take care of their books and the school property.Anything damaged,destroyed should be reported at once to the principal.
• It is not advisable to bring valuable articles like mobiles in the school. Recommended books,bags,pencils,tiffin-carries,should be marked with student's name.
• Where there is a out break of any contagious disease in the family,student shall not come to school without usual certificate from the doctor.
• If a boy/girl has been absent,the reason for his absence should be explained by the parents/guardians in the assignment book/diary.
• No leave or absence is granted except prior written application from the parents/guardians excepting sickness.
• Books,other than course books, magazine and news papers shall not be brought in the school without the principal's consent.
• Co-operation for the well being of the child even in the form of the complaint is highly appriciated. But parents/guardians are requested to sent the same in writting.
• When the school is in motion, parents should not visit the class. The time will be fixed by the principal for any appointment with any teacher.
• The son/doughter of the teachers of the school will get free education.
• Deficiency of the students is discussed in the parents teachers association meeting. The date and time of the meeting is communicated to the parent's/guardians by the principal.

General Rules - For Admissions

• In new admission cases, the students are first tested and then they are put into the classes for which they are found fit, what ever the classes they may have been in when they have left their previous school.
• Before a student is enrolled, the admission form must be filled up and signed by the parents or guardians and the necessary deposits be made.
• A student who has attended any recognized school cannot be admitted without a school leaving certificate from the school last attended. If a student comes a school outside the territory of jhajjar district. The school leaving certificate must be countersigned by the education officer where the school is situated.

Fee Rules

• School fees are to be paid on the dates perscribed by the school authorities.
• Delay in deposit of the school may cause penality as per school rules.
• Fee and any kind of payment to the school should not be given to anybody but the school cashier. The only proof what we accept that payment of any kind has been made to the school for any purpose is the school cashier's receipt.

Rules of Discipline

• All students shall reach the school atleast 5 minutes before the first bell rings.
• School uniform is to be own on all working days and on all school functions. Slovenly dressed students may be excluded from the class or even sent back home.
• Any damage caused to the school properly by any student will have to be made good by the student concerned.
• Home work set by the subject teachers must be done regularly.
• Students should get their progress reports signed by their parents/guardians and return them to their class within three days.

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